We are a comprehensive, cyber-physical human system that provides a seamless logistics, planning, and execution solution to patients. Our global network of partners allows us to provide the highest quality and most affordable international healthcare no matter where the patient needs it. Medical Tourism Agencies

Our team of experts will provide personalized guidance and support to help patients transition quickly and easily between providers and locations.

In addition, we offer physicians end-to-end virtual continuity of care support, CRM, Marketing solutions, Reputation management solutions, and chronic patient care management services at an affordable rate. We're committed to providing exceptional continuity of care from start to finish for all our patients.

PX6 Medical Tourism is a Company that Specializes in Planning, Coordination, and Executing Medical Care for Patients and Medical Professionals who are Looking for a Higher Level of Care and Convenience! Medical Tourism Services

PX6 Medical Tourism provides global healthcare logistics and capital solutions, establishing consistency, ensuring continuity, and promoting coordination between physicians and their patients no matter where they are. We offer options to patients wherever they are or may be traveling, connecting them to the care they need.