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Fortinet NSE6_FWB-6.4 exam is intended for network security professionals who are familiar with basic networking concepts and have experience in deploying and managing FortiGate firewalls. Fortinet NSE 6 - FortiWeb 6.4 certification is ideal for security administrators, network engineers, and other IT professionals who wish to demonstrate their expertise in FortiWeb deployment and management. By earning the Fortinet NSE6_FWB-6.4 certification, professionals can enhance their career prospects and demonstrate their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest web application security trends.

Fortinet NSE6_FWB-6.4 certification exam is a vendor-specific exam that is designed to test the candidate's knowledge of FortiWeb 6.4. NSE6_FWB-6.4 exam consists of multiple-choice questions and is designed to test the candidate's ability to apply their knowledge of FortiWeb's features and functionality to real-world situations. NSE6_FWB-6.4 exam is rigorous and requires a good understanding of web application security concepts and FortiWeb's features and functionality.

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Fortinet NSE6_FWB-6.4, also known as the Fortinet NSE 6 - FortiWeb 6.4 Certification Exam, is a specialized exam that focuses on the FortiWeb Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution. Fortinet NSE 6 - FortiWeb 6.4 certification is designed for network security professionals who are responsible for the deployment, configuration, and management of FortiWeb appliances in their organization. NSE6_FWB-6.4 exam measures the candidate's knowledge and skills in areas such as web application security, network security, and FortiWeb deployment and management.

Fortinet NSE 6 - FortiWeb 6.4 Sample Questions (Q23-Q28):

How does your FortiWeb configuration differ if the FortiWeb is upstream of the SNAT device instead of downstream of the SNAT device?

  • A. You must enable the "Use" X-Forwarded-For: option.
  • B. You must enable "Add" X-Forwarded-For: instead of the "Use" X-Forwarded-For: option.
  • C. No special configuration required
  • D. FortiWeb must be set for Transparent Mode

Answer: B

What can an administrator do if a client has been incorrectly period blocked?

  • A. Force a new IP address to the client.
  • B. Nothing, it is not possible to override a period block.
  • C. Disconnect the client from the network.
  • D. Manually release the ID address from the temporary blacklist.

Answer: D

Block Period
Enter the number of seconds that you want to block the requests. The valid range is 1-3,600 seconds. The default value is 60 seconds.
This option only takes effect when you choose Period Block in Action.
Note: That's a temporary blacklist so you can manually release them from the blacklist.

When is it possible to use a self-signed certificate, rather than one purchased from a commercial certificate authority?

  • A. If you are a small business or home office
  • B. If you are an enterprise whose computers all trust your active directory or other CA server
  • C. If you are an enterprise whose resources do not need security
  • D. If you are an enterprise whose employees use only mobile devices

Answer: B

When the FortiWeb is configured in Reverse Proxy mode and the FortiGate is configured as an SNAT device, what IP address will the FortiGate's Real Server configuration point at?

  • A. Virtual Server IP on the FortiGate
  • B. FortiWeb's real IP
  • C. Server's real IP
  • D. IP Address of the Virtual Server on the FortiWeb

Answer: A

You are configuring FortiAnalyzer to store logs from FortiWeb.
Which is true?

  • A. FortiWeb will query FortiAnalyzer for reports, instead of generating them locally.
  • B. You must enable ADOMs on FortiAnalyzer.
  • C. To store logs from FortiWeb 6.4, on FortiAnalyzer, you must select "FrotiWeb 6.1".
  • D. FortiAnalyzer will store antivirus and DLP archives from FortiWeb.

Answer: B


Examcollection NSE6_FWB-6.4 Questions Answers:

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