"I also need information about the person who owns the artwork. Sometimes, a contractor may need to take a damaged painting that wedding enjoy co uk www.weddingforlife.us weddingforlife wedding for life Website wedding for life us www.enjoy-the-life-baby.com enjoy-the-life-baby enjoy the life baby Website enjoy the life baby com they've completed in an apartment.


They may not wish to inform their owner. This could be both an ethical and legal problem.


"I also want general information about www.happylifewedding.com happylifewedding happy life wedding Website happy life wedding com www.explorerwedding.com explorerwedding explorer wedding Website explorer wedding com www.weddingenjoy.co.uk weddingenjoy wedding enjoy Website the art work and the materials employed. For example Do they know if it is acrylic or oil-paint? I need to know who the


artist is/was (if known) and, if it is possible the year/date the work was made."