He states, "It's about taking a step back, and asking myself what is most important to me right now?'." He found the answer in redefining his post-pandemic
identity via clothing.


The 35-yearold is only one of many who turned to fashion to explain the effects of the past fifteen months. Untold numbers of people were affected by the
coronavirus epidemic that ravaged their lives, careers, and relationships. There's no therapy that can allow us to fully comprehend the impact of all the loss
and suffering we've endured however, at the same time, our clothing gives us a tangible way to express ourselves and mark the enormous feeling of change
that which we all experience.


How Flag Fashion Can Be A Form Of Protest


From the time she was a small girl, Sarai Thompson has worn the yellow, green and black Jamaican flag. Her Jamaican immigrant parents relocated to New
York City long before she was born. The pride of her family was evident in her clothes choices.

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"Fashion is a way of expressing myself, so I try to incorporate my culture part of it," the now-27-year-old says. Thompson still likes to reach for T-shirts and
Jamaican flag-crew tops and wear them with high waisted jeans and platform shoes.