Ketoacidosis occurs when your body cannot produce enough insulin and both ketones and blood sugar rise very high. As noted by Dr. Brutsaert, this is primarily an issue for those suffering from type-1 diabetes, or very rarely with Ultra Keto X Burn type-2 diabetes. The key cause of keto flu is your body adjusting to its new diet and to using ketones for fuel. Everyone responds differently to being in a ketogenic state.

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This is why keto sites often give a guideline for not eating too much protein. The problem is that there’s no one guideline that works for everyone, and without specifically tailoring keto to your body it’d be easy to accidentally ingest too much protein. Your body has the ability to tell you if you are in ketosis… try listening first! If you find yourself struggling to meet your personal goals, measuring ketones may be helpful to determine progress towards living fat-fueled.

Be sure most of your carbs on a keto diet come from leafy, colorful vegetables. It might be surprising to think that a diet can change your hunger hormones. But If you want lasting change, you shouldn’t have to feel hangry and deprived.

This should appear as a symptom of exposure under Section 11 of the SDS. Ketoacidosis gets its name because high blood ketone levels lower the pH of your blood to 7.3 or lower.

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