D.C. was an Oxford University graduate who earned his PhD in Art History. He studied at Johns Hopkins University.


Ana has written extensively about the arts in magazines like Artforum, ARTnews, and Artnet. She also taught classes at NYU Steinhardt.

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Culture, Education, and Human Development in Berlin and Sarah Lawrence College's semester abroad program at Oxford University, Wadham College.


The first of Ana's books, Cult Artists 50 Cutting-Edge Creatives You Need to Know was published in the year 2019. The title of her latest book, "What?" was
published in the month of April.


Alexander McQueen can Teach you Fashion: a biography of the famous designer who committed suicide in 2010

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AA: Are professional artists more prone to mental health issues than other people who work in the arts? What are the reasons?

AFH - As with everything there is a yes and no. The mental health of artists is influenced by profession-specific stressors. Recently I was listening to