The most significant choice you will make before the wedding is the engagement ring. A custom celebration rings melbourne is a great way to show your love and how much you know your loved one, not to mention that it will remain a special symbol for both of you even after your big day. So what factors should you take into account when looking for handmade engagement rings in Melbourne?

Comfort Is Crucial

Looks are not everything when it comes to finding the greatest engagement ring in Melbourne. You must make sure the engagement ring is comfy because your loved one will wear it constantly throughout the day. Your Melbourne jeweler is there to point you in the proper direction, but you must also modify your needs in accordance with this guidance. Consider a finer band if your partner dislikes the sensation of hefty or bulky rings. You might want to choose a lower diamond setting if they are performing a lot of manual labor because higher settings are more likely to get damaged and may not be optimal. Do your best to obtain their precise ring size as well as their preferences (measure or bring a ring that they are wearing comfortably to your Melbourne jewelers).

Consider "Timeless"

As soon as you start browsing for engagement rings in Melbourne, you'll discover a ton of gorgeous designs that will motivate you to make something original. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that this ring must still be distinctive and special in ten years. This implies that any fashion that is popular right now might become obsolete in a few years. You should try to stick to a design that your loved one will still adore in a few years' time and have a general notion of the diamond shape that they favor.

Advice from your Melbourne jeweler

It can be difficult to locate the best store in Melbourne to purchase personalized engagement rings. Being on the same page with your jeweler is crucial. As a team, you both know what your loved one wants and understand what it takes for them to succeed. Steve Pallas of GN Designer Jewellers will start with a preliminary drawing of your ideas before advising developing a 3D CAD Image (Computer Aided Design), which gives you accurate and flawless 3D production ready digital artwork. This enables you to see and make changes before your one-of-a-kind engagement ring is made.

Get Individual

You already know that if you search for engagement rings in Melbourne, you may find hundreds of wonderful rings, but you want to buy something exceptional and one-of-a-kind. Make the ring distinctive is something to keep in mind as you work on its design. Include a few items that are private to the two of you. You can add an engraved word or date that has special meaning for the two of you in addition to their birthstone. In either case, don't be afraid to customize it and make it wholly your own. The options are infinite when it is built to order!

Think ahead

As eager as you are to propose, you must keep in mind that, depending on what you want, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks from the design sketch to the finished result. Need it immediately? Please get in touch with us as our turnaround time is only a few days! The advantage of having our workshop, jeweler, and diamond setter on site is that.

Is everything worth it?

Undoubtedly, yeah! Making a special engagement ring for your partner makes her feel special and makes the proposal occasion unforgettable.