Lateral knee pain is pain that happens outwardly of the knee. It might come on bit by bit after some time or may grow out of nowhere after a physical issue. Thus, the side effects differ as well. 


External knee pain might be an overall hurt or explicit sharp aggravation and development might be limited. It could conceivably be associated with a particular movement – so find the best pain clinic Singapore and look for a nonsurgical knee pain treatment.


The external side of the knee is the most unusual spot to encounter knee pain. As a rule, confined external knee pain is because of a physical issue influencing one of the constructions outwardly of the knee. 


5 Common reasons for lateral knee pain 


Here we will take a gander at the most common reasons for lateral knee pain, what causes them, the ordinary indications and how to treat them. Toward the end, we will take a gander at how to get the best knee pain relief treatment. 


Iliotibial Band Syndrome 


Disturbance of thick stringy band on the external thigh. IT Band Syndrome is the most widely recognized reason for external knee pain, which requires the attention of a knee pain doctor Singapore.


  • Causes: abuse, muscle snugness, and shortcoming, running, flat feet, an unexpected expansion in action 
  • Side effects: Pain on the outside of the knee, more regrettable with running, especially when the heel strikes the floor, cycling, squats, steps, climbing 


LCL Injury 


Overstretching and tearing of the horizontal insurance tendon on the external side of the knee 


  • Causes: Sudden turning or off-kilter fall where the lower leg is constrained inwards, a hit to within the knee 
  • Manifestations: Instability, enlarging, swelling, and external knee pain, more terrible when bowing the knee, strolling, on steps, or with sports 


Lateral Meniscus Tear 


A tear in the thick ligament covering the external side of the knee joint 


  • Causes: Sudden beginning from off-kilter knee contorting esp if knee bowed and foot planted. Slow beginning from mileage 
  • Indications: Lateral knee pain, locking (knee stalls out), insecurity, trouble fixing the knee 


Lateral Knee Arthritis 


Mileage of the external side of the knee joint, bone prod arrangement, loss of joint space, aggravation 


  • Causes: Wear and tear, maturing, past knee injury or medical procedure, heftiness 
  • Side effects: Dull, pestering pain-filled pain in the knee, solidness (especially toward the beginning of the day), and creaky/boisterous knees 


Hamstring Tendinopathy 


Harm and tearing to the horizontal hamstring ligament, biceps femoris, causing aggravation and degeneration 


  • Causes: Overuse, redundant bouncing or kicking, sports where there is a ton of speed increase and deceleration work 
  • Manifestations: Tender to contact, a sharp aggravation outwardly of the knee, more awful with opposed knee flexion. 


External knee pain treatment 


The best treatment for lateral knee pain will rely upon the fundamental reason for the external knee pain. It will as a rule incorporate a blend of activities, non-intrusive treatment, and rest from disturbing exercises and may likewise incorporate knee infusions and medical procedures. 

To discover more with regards to these normal reasons for pain outside of the knee and how to treat them, utilize the connections above. 


If you might want some assistance working out the thing that is causing your external knee pain utilizing other explicit manifestations, how the pain began, or the particular area of the aggravation, visit the best pain management clinic Singapore and realize what can be done.


Keep in mind, any new occurrence of horizontal knee pain ought to consistently be evaluated by a knee pain specialist Singapore.