Twitch’s influencer-driven esports organizer, Twitch Rivals, is WOW Classic Gold known for putting collectively occasions that spotlight the streaming platform’s partners. But on Thursday, Dec. 12, Twitch Rivals may be breaking new ground with the aid of website hosting an event for World of Warcraft Classic.

Just two days after the reputable launch of battlegrounds in Classic, Twitch Rivals is web hosting a “Capture the Flag Challenge” with a $10,000 prize pool. The occasion will function streamers like Asmongold and Esfand.

There may be 20 streamers in overall participating within the event. Four teams of 5 will queue into Warsong Gulch with the aim of shooting as many flags as feasible over a three-hour time period.

The event’s $10,000 prize pool might be dished out inside the shape of talented subscriptions on Twitch, in addition to a WoW subscription. All 4 teams will cash out, however the triumphing squad will earn the most: $three,000 in talented subs and 6 months really worth of WoW. Additionally, the team with the fastest flag seize at some stage in the event will win a couple of latest footwear valued at $one hundred with the aid of PUMA.

The Capture the Flag Challenge marks the primary esports occasion to be run for Classic battlegrounds. There’s no indicationMMOBC  that Blizzard is worried in the corporation of the event, however.