For the last years, was created a lot of new slots with the interesting mechanics. But most of gamblers are still playing Book of ra slot machine. This is one of the most famous and legendary video slots of all facilities that you can find on the internet. But why does this game — pass through the years and save it’s popularity for a long time? Let’s watch the overview of the game, and answer this question.

If you want the short overview of the book of ra online slot — you can get all the information right here.

This slot have:

  1. No multipliers.
  2. No any free-spins without special promos
  3. 9 pay lines.
  4. The coin-size which are in the range from 0.02 coin to 5 coin.
  5. 5 reels with no progression.
  6. For about 96 PTR.

Also, the legendary slot was developed, when there was not any autoplay or scatter symbols mode. That’s why it is so conservative.

But all described parameters — aren’t the reason why the book of ra online slot stays the main legend of the gambling sphere.

book of ra online 

Why this is legend

The main secret of book of ra game online, is that age. This slot was developed, when most developers create only scams with low chances to win. This slot was really different from the other, by more than 90% of RTP. For example, other slots had about 50% RTP as great. Most of them were clear scams, which only imitate fair slots, but were created to get the money from the players.

That’s why such an ordinary slot — stay the legend. And now you can play the same version of book of ra, as it was a long time ago.


Superior plot

The one of the most important things, which you can find in this old slot — is that book of ra as an online slot, really has a plot. It’s easy to understand, but the main secret of book of ra, you can find only if you get the jackpot of this game.

At last, but not at least, in this game you can feel like Indiana Jones, or Rick O’Connell from the mummy franchise. The book of ra keeps a lot of secrets, and only lucky gamblers can find it all.

book of ra online