What is a thesis statement?

We all, even if it's not consciously done, look for a concise summary of the argument that will be presented in the essay. This condensation is called a thesis, by the definition of Thesis Rush.

Why should your essay contain a thesis statement?

  • Test your ideas by distilling into one or two sentences
  • How to organize and develop an argument
  • To provide a "guide" for your argument to your reader

Your thesis statement can accomplish these goals in general if you consider it as an answer to the question that your paper explores.

How to Write a Good Thesis?

These tips will help you get started. You can scroll down the page or click on a link for a specific subject.

How to Generate a Thesis Statement if the Topic is Assigned

No matter how complex the assignment, it can be reduced down to one question. The first thing you should do is reduce the task to a single question. If your assignment is to "Write a Report to the Local School Board explaining the Potential Benefits of Using Computers in a Fourth-Grade Class," then turn that request into a specific question, such as "What are some of the potential advantages of using computers for a Fourth-Grade class?" Once you have chosen the question, write one or two sentences addressing it.

What are the benefits of computers in fourth grade classes?

A : . ."


A : . ."

The thesis statement is the answer to the question.

How to Create a Thesis statement if the topic is not assigned

Your thesis statement should still answer a question regarding the topic you would like to discuss, even if it is not a direct question. It's your job to decide what you want to write about.

The following four characteristics are usually present in a good thesis statement:

  • Take on a topic where reasonable people can disagree
  • Deal with a topic that is appropriate for the assignment
  • Describe one main idea
  • You can state your opinion about a topic

We'll see how to create a thesis for a paper on social policy.

Brainstorm a topic.
Imagine that the class you teach is focusing on the issues posed by the changes in American eating habits. You are curious about the amount of sugar Americans eat.

You begin with a statement such as this:

Sugar consumption.

This fragment doesn't represent a thesis. It simply identifies a subject. Your reader may not know what you have to say about sugar.

Limit the topic.
You may have concluded from your readings that children in elementary schools consume far more sugar than they should.

Your thesis should now look like this:

Reducing the sugar consumption of elementary school children.

This fragment does not only introduce your topic, but also focuses on a specific segment of the population - elementary school students. It also raises a topic on which reasonable people can disagree. While most people would agree that children are consuming more sugar, they might not agree about what to do or who should take action. This fragment is not intended to be a thesis because the reader does not know what your conclusion on the subject is.

State your opinion on the subject.
After a few more minutes of reflection, you decide what you want to say to this topic. You would like to suggest that we reduce the amount sugar that these children consume.

Your thesis statement should now look something like this:

It is important to pay more attention to the choices of food and beverages available to children in elementary schools.

The terms pay more attention, and choose your food and beverages are not precise.

Use specific language
You want to express your thoughts on choices of food and beverages. So you write:

According to experts, half of the elementary school students consume nine times more sugar than recommended daily intake.

This statement is very specific but is not a thesis. Statistic is reported instead of an assertion.

Support your assertion with clear evidence.
Your thesis statement should now look something like this.

Since half of American elementary school students consume nine times more sugar than the daily recommended allowance, schools should require that soda machines be replaced with healthier alternatives.

As you got more into the topic, the thesis became more specific. Your thesis has changed as a result of your new understanding.