Commodities Premium Hardwood Lump (Ci-5) Charcoal is a high quality product which is sustainable sourced and 100% natural. This product is used widely throughout New Zealand restaurants. Lump Charcoal is very hot burning and has a low ash content, making cleaning up after cooking easy! This Charcoal will give your food a unique flavour versus other styles of cooking. Whether you are grilling, roasting, using a tandoori or cooking with a rotisserie, this is the Charcoal for you!

The best thing about barbecue charcoal is that it cooks low and slow. The taste you get from using barbeque charcoal is an absolute delight for your taste buds. Those who are fussy with regard to taste prefer charcoal over gas. Barbecuing with charcoal adds a special flavor to your food. You need to be careful when you light the BBQ charcoal. There are many ways to set the fire, however the traditional method is with a charcoal chimney starter. This is a conventional method to get consistent heat from the coals. Beside this, another method to light the charcoal for BBQ is to soak it with aliphatic petroleum solvent or pretreated briquettes.

There are specifically made barbecue grills available in the market that makes use of the charcoal as the main source of heat generation in order to cook the meat thoroughly from inside out. The form, pattern and size of the grills may vary from place to place. Thus depending upon your requirement you can pick up a size that can cater to your family needs. To ensure that the meat is well cooked and has that peculiar aroma, it must be cooked on low heat over supreme quality Charcoal NZ. Following the step by step guide of the barbecue meat helps you bring forth onto the table something amazing not only in looks but at the same time in taste too.

Also while, barbecuing makes sure that you do not add the charcoal lighter fluid to the already heated charcoals as they can further strengthen the heat which in turn might result into the fire that might be hazardous. This should be avoided in all situations as they can lead to unwanted and unnecessary burns and rashes. If a little care and attention is paid, one can easily cook food without getting oneself hurt or injured. So, if you are looking for Charcoal NZ then contact Commodities NZ Ltd.