Udemy clone script consists of three major panels: Admin panel, Instructor panel, and Learner panel. Let’s see what the panels are about.

  • Admin panel

This panel will let the admin to manage all the operations. It is helpful in running their enterprise in a streamlined efficient manner. 

  • Instructor panel

Teachers or tutors have to register with the app. After that, they can upload courses and study materials. They can review statistics and interact with their students easily.

  • Learner panel

Learners or students who register with the app can view all the details of courses. They can manage the courses and get analytics about their courses. They will also get course suggestions based on their area of interest. This panel shows ongoing and finished courses to the learners.  


Revenue generation model


An app like Udemy not only helps entrepreneurs to earn money but also tutors to make revenue. Here, we will see how entrepreneurs can generate money after the Udemy clone app development.

  • Course fee

Entrepreneurs can offer some unique courses at reasonable prices. This is the primary source of income from the Udemy clone app. They can customize each course. Setting the right price for a particular course will only ensure maximal benefit.

  • Commission fee

Learners have to pay some amount of money when they want to download study materials uploaded by tutors. From that, tutors have to pay a commission fee. This way of approach benefits both tutors and entrepreneurs.  

  • Subscription charges

It is a sustainable way to make revenue. Learners have to subscribe to access videos and audios.

  • Advertisement charges

This option is advisable only when your elearning app is popular among people. Collaborate with third parties and let them display their ads in your app. You can earn revenue according to the click-through rate.