Most of us think NFTs are fads, don’t we? But they continue to become an epoch of the crypto world, churning out billions of dollars (in sales) in 2021 alone. Acknowledging its demand, numerous players flood the NFT space with their technology and methodologies. However, only a few remain viable! GuardianLink is one such player trying to make its way into the Web3 environment.

GuardianLink’s push into the NFTs seems to be a result/outcome of their 4+ year research & development (R&D) work in the Blockchain world. However, going from a research phase to a mainstay in the NFT space will not be an easy journey.

As an outsider, we don’t know much information about GuardianLink’s upcoming plans. However, their recent involvement with Amitabh Bachchan’s NFT launch might be the start of something new. More specifically, GuardianLink’s state-of-the-art no-code NFT platform infuses worldly functionalities and tools to simplify the NFT launch.

One less-known fact about Guardian Link is its Legitimacy protocol, as the website doesn’t offer necessary information (on it). But there is conclusive evidence that Guardian Link will explore more opportunities in the NFT space. They employ Anti-rip AI Spyder technology to protect your NFT assets, allowing NFT creators to protect their NFT assets. Their Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithm intercepts the rip-offs and initiates instant alerts that caution the creators/owners.

We don’t think GuardianLink will stop experimenting with NFTs as they plan to let people take their launchpads across marketplaces. As of now, creators list their NFT projects in a single marketplace alone. But, the NFT tech facilitator (GuardianLink) might soon have a solution if people want to take their launchpads elsewhere.

As the NFT space is still nascent, we never know who will become Amazon’s equivalent in the NFTs. Till then, it won’t be a winner-takes-all kind of market, we affirm.