In the technological era, students are curious about opting for an elearning app like Udemy, in which they can access a wide range of courses online anywhere and anytime. Significantly, such courses are available at an affordable cost which is far better than availing courses by traditional classes. 

The demand for elearning apps has soared during the pandemic. Even post-pandemic, there will be no decline in the demand as people are more convenient in gaining knowledge and skills by availing themselves of online courses. This prompts the newbie entrepreneurs to jump into the e-learning apps market.  

Why launch an elearning app like Udemy?

Udemy is an elearning platform, established in 2010, having 183,000 courses. Nearly 44 million users are actively registering for online courses through this platform. Courses are available in 75 languages and so global users can opt for the courses in their languages. 

Some highlights of this platform are here, which will inspire you to launch an app like Udemy

  • It provides both free and paid courses with a choice for users to opt as per their needs. The one who completes the course will receive a completion certificate.
  • The interface is appealing, letting the users navigate through various courses without any hassles. 
  • Undoubtedly, it has a simple workflow that involves the following steps.

 Udemy Workflow:

  • The one who has an account in Udemy can search for the courses they need with a few taps. 
  • The app will prompt the users to make payments if the course they have chosen can be availed only if paid. 
  • After course enrollment, they can learn courses at their own pace. They can access the courses from the supported devices at any time and anywhere.
  • Once they have completed their courses, the app will generate the course completion certificate automatically.

These interesting offerings have paved the way for a larger user base. Are you curious about launching an e-learning app? Consider Udemy’s offerings in order to gain traction in your elearning business. 

How To Develop An Elearning App Like Udemy?

Coming straight to the primary point of elearning app development. The possible two approaches in which an elearning app like Udemy can be crafted are discussed below.

Development From Scratch: The first approach is building the app right from the beginning. This is the way which is predominantly considered in earlier days. But, it requires quite a long time and the cost for development would be high. 

Udemy Clone Script: The second approach is choosing a ready-made e-learning app - Udemy Clone Script. It is a customizable & scalable one, empowering you to embark on a new venture right away. Considerably, it would be available at a nominal cost and sooner to launch as it does not need much time for customization.

Each approach has pros and cons on its own. Depending on the available resources and your demands, choose the way among these.  

Final Notes: Ready To Launch An Elearning App?

So far, you have covered some deeper insights into the development of an ecommerce app like Udemy from this blog. Contemplate considerations of Udemy in order to jump into a successful business. 

What else? Everything you need to do is find the right app development company and interact with developers regarding the requirements of your app. Once done with Udemy Clone app development, promote and launch your ecommerce app.