The past repeated itself when the Doomhammer has WOW TBC Gold once again turned into an "dead weight." Many question whether the Doomhammer will be able to regain its status as a symbol to symbolize righteous wrath.

The moment we meet Thrall in BfA He is back to his warrior ways and is using Dra'gora(an axe he forged) to fight. In the Shadowlands Maw intro he still is just a warrior only.During the questline in which you save Thrall from Torghast you can see him use his shamanistic abilities for the first time since the beginning of Legion.

This is a metaphor. Thrall is becoming old and his penis isn't working as well. He can't feel the "elements" or what have you, because he's lost his zeal. He's got to get some super male vitality.

To be sincere Thrall should have won without magic , as you stated as he had the experience of a fighter. There could have been instant demands from the WoW fandom declaring that it was because the guy was an Mary Sue.

His track record is terrible. In most fights were either lost or not won fairly. Thrall is mentioned as having not backed down in the duel they had in WotLK when they were fighting in the Mag'gora battle with Cairne his poisoned blade and Varian knocked him out of the way.

Actually, Taran Zhu was the only notable person he beat in a fair fight, and that fight was very close.

He lost completely in the final battle with Thrall. I'll admit he was losing his second battle against Varian and his duel against Cairne. He was defeated the first time that was cut short, and he won the second unfairly.

They fought three times and each time , they were stopped. Varian wins the battle in Wolfheart because he has unlimitable endurance and is blessed with Lo'Gash. When they fight again in the tides of War They are more evenly matched.

He was a Mary Sue from the beginning. He was a better warrior than Orgrim Doomhammer, and was an expert in the art of shamanism.

Garrosh wasn't a part of the Cataclysms wars. He was the leader of the assault into the Twilight Highlands, beating a dragon while he moved. The speculations started to develop during cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold MoP, I was certain that Garrosh was a fake who was created by the Twilight Hammer while he was MIA.