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Professional Debt Collectors Cairns

Challenge Commercial Collections provides Cairns businesses with the most efficient debt recovery service available in the region. With our knowledge and experience in debt collection we are able to locate and retrieve what you are owed or you simply don’t pay. We have a network of debt collectors and access to a range of technology and databases which we use for locating debtors and retrieving your assets.

Eliminate the need to chase down debtors yourself. Enlist the services of our team of expert collectors – QLD’s finest.

If you are tired of chasing down bad debtors and your business is starting to suffer as a result don’t hesitate – contact our team now. We can recover your debt whether it’s in the Cairns, across the country, or even overseas.

Challenge Commercial Collections provide debt recovery for small or large businesses. We track down your debtors and do all the hard work for you. No more wasting time and money chasing down harmful debtors.

We Provide Risk Management and Credit Check Services.
Our Cairns debt collection services extend far past standard debt collection. We also provide risk management and credit check services to ensure that you don’t get sucked in by bad debtors. We provide thorough reports on your potential clientele to ensure there is no past history of questionable trading.

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