When you first begin a new island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there could be some areas you won't be capable of get toNook Miles Ticket  right away. Once you get the vaulting pole from Blathers and may make your way across rivers, the ultimate frontier is the land atop your cliffs. To scale each tiers of these cliffs, you'll need a ladder. 

You'll have to finish a few different duties in your island earlier than you could get the ladder, and the earliest you can get it's miles the third day you have been gambling. First, you have to have completed Nook's Cranny; see our full Nook's Cranny release guide for the details. We additionally recommend starting the museum unlock procedure so that you have get admission to to the vaulting pole, as elements of your cliffs may be blocked off through rivers.

On the day Nook's Cranny opens, visit the Resident Services tent. Tom Nook will ask you to pick out places for 3 house plots, and aBuy Nook Miles Ticket s a part of this, he's going to provide you with the ladder DIY recipe.