If you are free but don't want to talk on the phone or type everyday text you can opt for many games to play over text which is the best way to pass the time. If you are playing a game over SMS using these games while you are separated from your girlfriend or boyfriend a simple text might instantly bring you closer. Some of these games are great for messaging your partner and crush 

While others are more fun to play if you want to know each other. Have a good time, in either case, you will be able to grin and chuckle while holding your phone. We have compiled a collection of entertaining texting games to play with a guy or girl in this article


Name of the game to play over text

Twenty Question:

In this game, you have to type 20 questions on the text. One person has to choose something that has the imagination to play the 20 questions on the text game it could be an object a place or even an obscure celebrity. Then, in 20 “Yes or No” or less, you can try to guess the object you choose.

Kiss, Marry, and Kill:

Put a new spin on these old ones and entertaining games to play over text. Kiss, Marry, Kill is a trendy game at a party. It puts the players in a tight spot and is fun to see when people don’t want to be mean to others. One person has to ask another person “to kiss, Marry, and kill and say three people's names to put in these categories. The other person must decide which of the three would Kiss, Marry, and kill.

Never Have I ever 

The goal of “Never Have I Ever” is to reveal the deepest and darkest secret you have been asking hidden from the closet to you. It is a game to play over text which is always on the verge of becoming inappropriate but going all in is a lot more fun. To play this messaging game deciding you and your texting partner will determine whether or not the other has been in a situation.

I Spy

Reminisce about long road trips and being copped with nowhere to go as a kid. At the most basic level “I Spy” is a children's game but it can also be used to play the text to test your inventiveness. To play send a text message to the first person you will be playing with outlining the rules. You can only spy in the room you are in, for example, what you observe can be something to search up on the internet 

What IF 

The term “what IF  irritate sometimes some people ye it can simply be something more than merely friends if used correctly. This game will test boundaries and determine whether the person receiving the message is truly a “friend” and makes one of the most fantastic games to play over the text