Trading in Path of Exile is a complex and extensive system that enables players to engage in buying, selling, and exchanging POE Orbs with fellow players. This guide aims to provide a detailed walkthrough of the trading process, covering essential aspects such as purchasing, selling, bulk exchanges, and the importance of trade etiquette. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to Path of Exile, comprehending the nuances of currency trading is crucial for maximizing your gameplay experience.

How to Purchase Items from Other Players in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, the absence of an in-game auction house and the chaotic Trade chat channel make trading with other players quite challenging. However, the official trade website provides a reliable and efficient platform for conducting trade. By utilizing the extensive filtering options available on the trade website, you can easily refine your search for specific items.

For example, let's consider a scenario where you're playing in the Sentinel League and find yourself in need of new boots for your Seismic Trap character. You specifically require boots that offer movement speed, fire resistance, and life. By applying the relevant filters on the trade website, you can narrow down your search and explore the available listings for boots that meet your criteria.

Through this approach, you can conveniently browse through Buy POE Currency listed for sale by other players, ensuring a smoother and more efficient trading experience in Path of Exile.

How to sell items to other players in Path of Exile

Selling items in Path of Exile is relatively straightforward if you own a premium stash tab. Start by right-clicking on the name tag of your premium tab and selecting the "public" and "each item individually priced" options. Then, place the item you wish to sell into the tab, right-click on the item, and set a price.

However, if you don't own a premium stash tab, selling items becomes a bit more cumbersome. You'll need to create a thread in the trading forums, obtain links to your items from your character page on the website, and then include these links in your forum thread using the "~price x chaos" tag. This process can be frustrating and overly complicated. Acquiring a premium stash tab from the in-game store simplifies the selling process significantly. It's worth noting that the premium stash tab is one of the few aspects of the game that involves a pay-to-win element, which can understandably be a source of frustration for some players.

Which Currencies to Trade within Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, there is a wide array of currency items, each serving its purpose in crafting and holding different values. However, when it comes to trading, two currencies stand out as the most commonly used. POE Chaos Orbs play the role of the primary currency, functioning as the equivalent of the "dollar" in Path of Exile's economy. For the majority of trades, especially during the early stages of a league, chaos orbs are the preferred currency for pricing items of moderate value or lower. It is advisable to list such items in Chaos Orbs in almost all cases.

However, with the release of patch 3.19, there has been a significant shift in the realm of high-value trading. Previously, Exalted Orbs were the go-to currency for items worth around 150 Chaos Orbs or more. The value of Exalted Orbs predominantly stemmed from their use in metamodels, which buy exalted orbs for execution.

The recent patch has brought about a notable change, with Divine Orbs taking over as the new currency of choice for high-value trades. The crafts that once relied on Exalted Orbs now demand Divine Orbs. While it may take some time for the market to stabilize, PoE Divine Orbs will likely replace Exalted Orbs as the standard currency for high-value transactions. It is important to note that Divine Orbs are expected to be priced significantly higher than Exalted Orbs, primarily due to the scarcity of Divine Orb sources compared to Exalted Orbs. To gain insights into the relative value of each currency, referring to the Bulk Trade tab can be helpful.