Market Overview

Market Research Future (MRFR) studied COVID-19 breakthrough on the world CNC Router Market in the years to come. The expansion of the world CNC router market can rise at CAGR of 4.27% and reach a value of USD 5,621.4 million by 2030. 


A computer-controlled cutting device, a CNC router, is used to cut various hard materials, including composites, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, foam, and glass. Mortises and tenons are also cut using a CNC router. . This can fuel the CNC router market growth in years to come.


A CNC router has similar machinery and functions as the CNS milling machine. A CNC router controls the tool paths for the machine to operate using computer numerical control. In its most basic form, a CNC router is used to make items like furniture, exterior and interior designs, wood boards, door carvings, wooden edges, signboards, musical instruments, and moldings.

The use of the CNC router machine has increased with the growth of the manufacturing sector globally. It is utilized in the model, craft, and sign industries.


.Overall, the CNC router industry includes increasing demand from automotive, medical devices, aerospace engineering, wood cutting, glass, and plastic industries.


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Market Segment


The global CNC Router Market is broadly segmented based on Product, Type, End Users/Application and Geography.


Based on product type, the global CNC routers market is classified into  Plasma Laser, Water Jet type, Metal Tool etc. The metal tool industry is anticipated to grow faster than other industries due to the expanding usage of CNC routers in both the woodworking and metalworking industries.


The global CNC routers market is classified into Manual & Semi-Automatic,  CNC Routers, Stationary Gantry Types,  Movable Gantry Types, and Cross Feed Unit types.


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End users are divided into general manufacturing industries such as Automotive Manufacturing, Building Materials & Equipment Production etc., Construction, automotive, furniture, industrial, and others are the market segments for CNC routers. Another industry that is boosting demand for the CNC router market is automation. The demand for CNC routers is rising as the EV market expands.


While application includes medical applications such as dental prostheses or heart surgery devices. Or Wood Working, Stone Working, Metal Field, Others. With the growing industries, the growth of CNS routers is also increasing.



Regional Analysis


The report covers various regional segments – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) etc. there is an estimated higher CNS router growth in the market over these years.

Asia Pacific will account for the largest global CNC Router market share during this period owing to the growth of the automobile market.


However, Europe will also see significant growth due to increased investments in R&D for new applications such as additive manufacturing and tribology systems. The North American region dominates with around two-thirds share in total market revenue, while the APAC segment is expected to witness the highest growth rate during the forecast period. Key factors driving this trend include the increasing adoption of 3D printing and automobile industries in these regions and rising awareness about machine tool usage among manufacturers.


Industry News


The Berkeley High School Development Group donated $6,000 to Team Berkelium, the BHS robotics team, to help them purchase a CNC router. Dirk Wright, the team's academic advisor, has allowed students to continue advancing their technical skills while helping the robotics team improve its products.

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