Since the appearance of COVID-19, although the world has been greatly affected, the game industry has flourished, especially regarding Blizzard's e-sports activities. Here is some introduction to the World Championship of World of Warcraft Arena 2020.

Fresh off of the rear of completing the cup phases of the Mythic Dungeon International, the sector World Championship 2020 pits a number of the best PvP players of World of Warcraft against one another as they fight for dominance.

One of the most prestigious PvP events in the world is the Arena World Championship (AWC). The cup once again kicked off the ultimate AWC season of the battle of Azeroth. 

Although there are many differences between Mythical Dungeon International and Arena World Championships. But the final form is still similar.

Just as the Mythic Dungeon International held, this tournament will have competitions both in North America and in Europe. However, there'll be four cups instead of three, adding another little bit of challenge as teams must show supremacy yet again.

Only eight teams will progress from the four cups of the AWC Cup phase, going in the AWC Circuit phase. These top eight teams will compete during a round-robin tournament, a prize guaranteed at now. Each team plays against every other team during a best-of-five series, with winners earning a degree.

These matches will take four weekends to complete, and by the top, the highest four teams of both circuits will move onto the finals. There, the four teams are going to be seeded into two different double-elimination groups.

Playing through these groups, only two teams are going to be ready to Buy WOW Classic Gold start off on top. One winner are going to be declared for every region, but unlike the MDI, that’ll be the top of it! The winner of the regional finals wins USD $150,000 for his or her victory, in addition because the obvious prestige of being the most effective team in their region.

As the cup phase begins, there'll be another cup played each weekend. With the primary beginning on May 22nd, they’ll continue on until they finish on June 14th. there'll even be open brackets between the cups every Wednesday!

The relevant news of WOW Classic Gold For Sale this competition can be learned on the official website of Warcraft. If you want to judge the "Mythical Dungeon" Invitational, then this World Arena Championship will definitely provide incredible tension and dramatic action. If players want to experience excitement, they can quickly join the game.