Hordes of programming languages are trending in the technical market. So, naturally, it is difficult for students to choose a particular coding language to write a computer programming assignment. Besides getting C++ Assignment Help from professionals, you can also write a project yourself. But for that, you need to find the trending coding app languages. So, why scratch your head while browsing the Internet to find the topmost coding languages of this era?

We have curated a small yet effective list to solve your purpose. Look below to find them.

  1. Java

This is a popular name in the coding industry. There is a 100% probability that you are well-aware of this coding language. Java has been around for quite a few decades and is still shining brightly among various other programming languages. Experts from different corners of the globe can develop applications using Java code for mobile apps like Apple and Android.

Also, several organizations use Java coding language for testing purposes too. Java does not exhibit any sign of slowing down from the start-up to date.

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  1. Java script

We all know that JavaScript, a strong programming language in software development, has also evolved as the best client-side scripting language with communicative functions. Software professionals use JavaScript and its framework (Angular JS) for the front-end development of applications. Apart from this, software concerns also use Node JS to code back-end development for various mobile applications. Coding professionals who implement through this language stay ahead of others when it comes to cost-effectiveness, compatibility, usefulness, and developing any application effectively.

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  1. C Sharp

C Sharp, also popularly known as C#, seems to have a slow yet steady increase in the tech market every year. C Sharp, a modern programming language and a simple one, can develop software components worthy of developing in different environments. Several companies use C Sharp to develop cross-platform apps (apps that run on several platforms), which is steadily blooming in the IT industry.

Rather than writing a programming assignment on updated technologies or languages, it is best to write an assignment on the comparatively useful and popular languages as they are helpful for several software development programs.

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