Most East Coast magazine employees seldom, if ever, visit stores that offer Nerds Rope, let alone consume it. Our editor-in-chief had no idea it existed, and when given a taste, he mistook it for a gift from Honeydukes, the confectionery shop at Universal Studios Harry Potter theme park, which currently has more visitors per year than most. Countries in Europe. Our editor-in-chief believed it resembled a "festive" spine produced by his kid in first-grade science class. According to a graying proofreader, it appeared as though someone was sprinting through the bead aisle at Michaels with a glue-soaked Twizzler. He inquired as to if there was a razor inside. I informed him that I was going to find out.

The Holiday NERDS rope comes in a bright, festive green bundle that is tight at both ends. Little red, green, and white NERDS - small two-pedal animals with stocking caps that resemble shaved, colored bunnies or cartoon germs - dance, soar, laugh, frolic, and plunge down the wrapping. Didn't I see these creatures attacking my white blood cells in a 7th-grade flu video? Wonka's press package asserts that these are anthropomorphized versions of the candy, which begs the issue of what human features they have.

It's simple to open and exhibited on a low-cost, tall cardboard shelf that swings out like a safety deposit box. This similar shelf is used for Tootsie Rolls and Almond Joys, presumably to preserve them from being twisted or damaged in transit from the candy factory to your local grocery shop. It would be more beautiful if the cardboard wasn't perforated and almost as frail as the rope. Perforations are just plain unappealing. It's beyond me why they try to evoke shapely beauty with a primitive, formless sweet that youngsters would definitely whip their buddies with.

The eating instructions on the packaging seem like something you'd hear at an underground S&M club. Take a bite! Take a bite! Twirl it! Pull it off! I was so horrified by these orders that I WHACKED it against my desk in a frenzy, and the NERDS flew about the room like claymore shrapnel. My coworker still has a NERD in her tympanic membrane, which causes any words entering her left ear to sound Wonkafied.

Soft Gummy Rope Covered With Tiny Tangy Crunchy medicated nerds Candy is how the flavor is described. Because there are no commas, these tastes can occur separately or in a pell-mell onslaught evocative of Doughboys rushing over a German trench. Be cautious. It's actually rather aromatic, with a cherry fruit garden scent, and the flavor, like most sweets with dextrose, sugar, and corn syrup as key ingredients, is more difficult to explain than most mathematical proofs.

It's rather tasty and completely removes the flavor of the Indian cuisine I had for lunch (as well as years of hard-earned tooth enamel) and leaves my mouth feeling like a dentist has pressure washed my teeth with microscopic sugar crystals. I washed it all down with a glass of milk. Merry Christmas.

1-Santa's spine is described as a festive vertebral column. It's red, green, and white, and it's the result of years of chimney-related back ailments.

2- Sauve & Masticable Cinta topped with Agreeable Dulcecitos y Crujientes NERDS The package is also in Spanish, indicating that Wonka is obviously aiming for the Latino/Latina population.

3- There is a hint of strawberry, watermelon, and cherry, and the white NERD is what I refer to as a mystery taste owing to Airheads candy, which manufactures a white taffy candy called a white mystery, a secret flavor with Fort Knox-like protection. The white mystery Airhead tastes vaguely berry-flavored with hints of lemon, lime, watermelon (not garden-grown watermelon flavor, but laboratory watermelon flavoring, which is distinct), banana (again, laboratory banana), and green apple (which is actually acidic like a granny smith apple).

I used to believe the white mystery as a youngster. Airhead took on the flavor of whatever you were thinking before you opened it, and the candy detected your thoughts and embodied that flavor by some inorganic type of ESP. Except when I wanted it to taste like root beer, it mostly worked. You might be curious how laboratory bananas or watermelons taste. The tastes are more akin to scents layered on hardened sugar.

Some are shockingly similar to their natural equivalents, such as bananas, while others, such as artificial grape flavorings, are not. For example, banana-flavored NERD tastes like a banana pumped full of steroids, physiologically increasing the flavor to limits Mother Nature certainly did not design. if you want to get more information, please visit the website