of game is made for a 'Mad Max' kind Rocket League Items of environment, where two motors enter and handiest one leaves. That'll definitely be the subject of the sport's December DLC, Chaos Run, which takes Rocket League into the publish-apocalypse.

Chaos Run is introducing off-road stadiums to Rocket League for the primary time. A new pair of Battle-Cars (Ripper and Grog) will even wheel into the arena, in conjunction with six decals for every of them. Players also can locate new customizable add-ons to deck out their motors with.

While Chaos Run will move for $three.99 on both PlayStation Network and Steam, there may be a few unfastened content material coming next month, too. The 'Wasteland' arena will make its debut, based loosely off the old map from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. This will be the primary arena in the sport to characteristic sloped www.lolga.com perimeters, one of a kind raise placements, and a much wider pitch.