Typically the Easter Bunny is preparing for Easter, and he's slipping behind! Maybe you can help save Easter by crafting as many baskets as you can?

This is the funniest incremental game with Easter thematic! Use bunny employees to harvest blossoms, chocolate and increase egg trees. Love this particular fun idle constructor game!

Do you love fun Easter games with an Easter bunny? Try out this idle clicker game. Harvest blossoms, look for dark chocolate, and grow an ova tree! Craft bins and fill them.

How to play it? This idle game has similar gameplay to the cookie clicker game.  It is pretty simple! Merely tap tap and follow the instructions from the training - Capture the magic with Easter Bunny idle touch adventure!

Harvest Blossoms, use Explorer Hares to discover more Chocolate and grow Trees to pick Eggs. Use all of these to forge Baskets, and trade them arranged for huge bonus deals! Choose Additional bonus deals wisely from Levelups, and build Easter guilds for huge multipliers!