Luminous paint is luminescent compositions suitable for painting various materials: fabric, stone, concrete, plaster, wood, metal, building facades, etc. The composition of paints does not include toxic substances, they are resistant to temperature extremes, moisture, light. Glow in total darkness.

Types of paints: visible, invisible, chameleons

Luminescent paints
A paint that saturates in light and glows in the dark. They look bright during the day, and in the dark they glow with even brighter acidic shades. Most importantly, no special illumination is needed for their glow. Everything is done by daylight or artificial lighting. The paint “recharges” for 15-40 minutes and then it glows in the dark for up to 8 hours. Another key point in the glow of a luminescent coating: the duration of saturation with light does not extend the duration of the glow. This means that it doesn't matter if you "recharge" the material for 2 or 4 hours. It will shine equally brightly and equally long in both cases.


The phenomenon of luminescent luminescence also exists in living nature. Glowing plankton, fish and insects have fascinated humans for a long time. And some areas, due to the large population of such luminous inhabitants, have long become attractions among tourists.

Visible fluorescent paints
Bright glow-in-the-dark fluorescent type paint has one secret. It looks like normal day and night, until one important moment comes - you turn on the ultraviolet lamp. The peculiarity of this paint is a bright glow in UV rays. As well as the first type of paints, the fluorescent coating has a wide range of colors: from blue to deep pink. Unlike luminescent paints, those glowing in UV rays glow for as long as necessary. It is important that the UV light source is always on.


Additives with fluorescent properties are added, without exception, by all manufacturers of antifreeze. This allows you to accurately diagnose the cooling system for leaks. In addition to antifreeze, a material that glows in the dark, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, is also added to some bleaching agents for washing. This applies to paint with a bluish tint. It gives fabrics a bluish whiteness.

Invisible fluorescent paints
Why "open cards" ahead of time? The title of the most mysterious paint goes to the invisible fluorescent one. Under normal light, it has either a white or transparent structure. With the inclusion of the same UV light source, it glows and takes on a bright shade. But invisibility comes with a price. This type of product has a less wide range of colors, and depending on the selected shade, it glows differently. The brightest yellows, pinks and greens. As for the duration of the glow, then, like the previous type of paints, they glow as long as they are exposed to ultraviolet rays. You can also buy invisible type glowing paint on our website.


The green color of plants is provided by a special substance - chlorophyll. The most interesting thing is that under ultraviolet light this substance manifests itself differently. It produces a deep red color.

Chameleon paint
It is special - it changes its color depending on the angle of illumination. Unlike previous types of coatings, it does not glow at night. Instead, it has the amazing property of changing its hue as the viewing angle changes.