If you've ever been stuck in an escape room, you know they can be frustrating. There's nothing worse than figuring out a puzzle so close to the end and finding out that it doesn't actually solve anything. If this has happened to you, don't worry! 

Even though escaping from a Melbourne Escape Rooms are all about following the clues and making sense of them, there are still ways to beat them faster than normal. In this article we'll go over some tips for how to beat an escape room in record time:

Prioritise Communication 

A common mistake that teams make is not communicating effectively. It's easy for players to get caught up in trying to solve the puzzles and forget about talking with one another, but this can be disastrous for your chances of escaping.

This game requires you to work together as a team, so it's important that you know how each person on your team communicates best: do they prefer texting or talking face-to-face? 

Do they like emailing? Is there something else they would rather use? Once you know how each person prefers to communicate, set up a plan so that everyone knows when they should be communicating with each other (and how).

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Think Outside the Box 

  • Use your imagination. When you're presented with a problem, think about it in different ways.
  • Ask for help from other team members and the room staff. If you're stuck on something, don't be afraid to ask others what they would do if they were in your shoes--they may have an answer that you didn't think of!
  • Don't give up! Even if it feels like there's no way out of a situation, keep trying until someone finds the solution or at least gets close enough so that someone else can finish off what's left of the puzzle (and win).

Don't Get Stuck on One Puzzle 

While it's important to work through puzzles, don't get stuck on one. Always try to find a way to solve the puzzle. For example, if you're stuck trying to figure out how to open a locked door in an escape room, look around the room for clues that might help you; maybe there's another puzzle nearby that will give you more information? 

Or maybe there are objects in the room that could be used as tools or props for solving other puzzles?

If all else fails and there aren't any other options available at that time, ask yourself: "What would my character do?" 

If your character was really smart or resourceful (and didn't just stumble into this situation), then maybe she would have thought of something else before getting stuck!

Use Clues Wisely

When you're in a Melbourne Escape Rooms, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and forget that there are clues around you. Don't ignore them! They may seem obvious, but they could be the key to solving your puzzle.

For example: if there's a clue on the wall that says "look in this room," don't assume that it's for someone else; maybe there are no other people who can read English in this room! 

Or maybe it's meant as a hint at something else--maybe if we look around here some more, we'll find another clue! So always take all of your clues seriously; don't assume anything about them until after you've tried everything else first (and even then).


If you're looking for a way to challenge yourself and your friends, Melbourne escape rooms are definitely the way to go. But if you want to beat one in record time? That's going to take some serious strategy--and maybe even some outside help!

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