The first time you lost a boat you could not replace using a beginner voucher you'd have ceased anyway.Literally anyone complaining about not being able to EVE Mobile ISK play with this game mostly afk are the men and women who'll leave it the moment they take any significant loss.There is a reason space is broken up into security. You want safety? Stay in high sec. There's all manner of things to do that can be rewarding.

Even in high sec if you are operating a mission and disconnect by way of instance it's still possible to die! It's not an idle sport. There are things you can do in brief bursts. There are also things which are enormous time hogs. Plan your time accordingly!You wish to play in null? Fly small fast ships or combine a null Corp. learn how to avoid gate camps. Hell why not be part of the solution and find a team who's objective is to break them. If cyclists are so poor they should be easy to crush (the majority of these will probably be).

Seriously these modifications are important and significant and the only real criticism anybody really has is they are somewhat inconvenient to people who do not want to really put any effort into the game.There's no content in highsec following T5 experiences to stay there.None of Buy EVE Echoes ISK these changes make sense for a mobile game and no matter what you said address that. The mobile aspect is more important than staying true to source material.