We all know that high cholesterol is bad, but what we are not so clear about is what to eat to lower cholesterol and prevent it from rising.

We all know that having high cholesterol is not good, you have to keep it at bay, but that does not mean having to eliminate all fats from our diet or that we can never eat eggs again as many people think. In fact, for a long time even doctors themselves recommended their patients with high cholesterol to reduce their consumption of eggs as much as possible and to avoid consuming the yolks at all costs. This was based on the fact that the yolk of eggs is one of the foods with the highest cholesterol content, but there was no scientific basis to confirm that this ingested cholesterol was direct to the blood.

A few years ago, researchers from the British Nutrition Foundation carried out a more serious study on the matter in which they concluded that the cholesterol that enters our body from the food we eat has an almost negligible effect on the clinical level. increased blood cholesterol. It really is saturated fat and trans-fat is to blame for raising cholesterol in our blood. In this link you can see the published article (in English) with the conclusions of this study.

It is also necessary to be clear that not all cholesterol is bad, because in truth it can be of two types, HDL or "good cholesterol " and LDL or "bad cholesterol" and we need to have minimum amounts of good cholesterol and keep it at bay. bad.

What to eat to lower cholesterol and prevent it from rising

When we talk about what to eat to lower cholesterol, the objective is really to know what to eat to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol and then maintain a balanced situation that does not pose a risk to our health.

What to eat to lower bad cholesterol, what to avoid

Well, as I anticipated above, it is time to eliminate foods rich in saturated fat or trans-fat from the shopping list.

  • Fatty meats such as duck, pork or the fatty parts of veal.
  • Greasy sausages such as bacon, chorizo ​​or sausages.
  • Organ meats such as liver or kidneys and what is made with them such as patés.
  • Industrial pastries
  • Within dairy products, we must avoid cream, butter, condensed milk, yoghurts enriched with cream, fatty cheeses and spreadable cheeses.

What to eat to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, the recipes that will make your diet happy

Legumes, at least three times a week. A very good option for those who find it difficult to eat them is to prepare hummus, such as this one made from avocado or this one made from lentils, they not only serve to eat legumes but are a very good alternative to liver-based patés, cheese creams and industrial mayonnaise.

Whole grains, that if you have a habit of having them for breakfast you can prepare them yourself with very little sugar following our homemade granola recipe.

Nuts, as long as they are natural or toasted, but not fried with salt, although you can give it your own touch with other spices as in this recipe for spicy nuts.

Foods’s rich in omega-3 such as avocado or salmon with which you can prepare guacamole or this salmon in orange and almond sauce.

White meats such as chicken or turkey.

Red meats such as pork or beef, but only the lean parts (without fat)

All kinds of vegetables, with which you can make soups, creams and stews. Besides, of course, all kinds of salads.

Unrefined vegetable oils from both olive and sunflower, avoiding frying since excessive temperatures decrease their healthy properties.

All kinds of aromatic herbs and spices.

Fresh fruits.

Low-fat dairy.

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