People are only just becoming aware of the different methods for fine-tuning wrinkles, erasing acne scars or eye bags, or tightening skin. Facial laser therapy is one way to look better and feel confident about your appearance. Learn more about how it works and whether it is right for you.


What is Fotona Laser Treatment?

Fotona Laser Therapy is a much different technique from other types of laser therapy because the healing properties of the light reach deeper layers in your skin. The wavelength of red wavelengths targets blood vessels, veins, and micro-vessels, which helps to fight inflammation and speed up the healing process. Fotona is a type of laser therapy. It became popular because it removed unwanted hair on nearly anyone's face, anywhere on the body. Results vary depending on how deeply seated the hair is and how dark or fine the hair is. It does not work for hair that has already turned grey or red, because these hairs are genetically programmed to never turn back into the telogen phase again. However, Medical Research on Fotona laser treatment determined after years of study that repeated sessions tripled maintenance rates of 60% higher than on average.


Who can use Hifu Treatment?

The procedure involves applying very low intensity laser therapy to the face. Areas such as freckles, pigmentation, minor scars and wrinkles etcetera can be treated. This is very safe as it does not involve any injections or surgery. The procedure can be done in a minimally invasive manner using Nano Hifu to minimise downtime and speed the healing process further. The Hifu treatment is not for everyone. Approved patients are only those who are thin, physically active, with low body-fat levels and without tattoos. The treatment can also cause scarring, injuries to blood vessels in the skin, leaks of fat into the tissues beneath the skin, and changes in pigmentation that may be permanent.


What does it entail?

Facial laser therapy addresses specific areas of the face with lasers to improve its appearance. This typically takes place over eight sessions, one per week. The duration of each session is about 30-minutes, so this means your appointment will be more than two hours. Patients should wear sunblocks to prevent melanoma and other effects from the laser beams. Laser lipo can help slimmers remove fat from places where it is fairly easy to reach, such as the chin. This is a good way to transform yourself without needing to carry out diets or rigorous exercises. In order for this type of treatment to be attributed to facial laser lipo, the area being removed needs to be on the face. A slimmer specifically targets fat in a certain area and a qualified laser technician then uses a laser that works with concentrated light in order to release that specific area of fat.


How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions needed for facial laser therapy varies. It all depends on your age, skin condition, and other factors. However, general guidelines say that patients should get about 15-60 minutes of treatment per week for a month or more to see desired results.


Side effects

Side effects of facial laser therapy can depend on several factors. For example, people that had more severe acne may experience the return of some post-acne scarring while others might show no skin peeling after several sessions.


In conclusion

If you have been considering laser therapy for your acne scars, wrinkles, or just a plain old pimple scar, then you might want to consider Facial Laser Therapy. It is a fairly new treatment that you can have performed in an office or spa setting. The goal of the treatment is to improve the texture, tone and tightness of the skin by using gentle pulses of light as well as co2x laser energy to heat up the substantial reconstructor proteins and collagen proteins in the lower levels of hide.