Coated fabric is a kind of fabric treated by a special process. It can form a uniform layer of covering rubber on the surface of the fabric to increase the waterproof, fireproof, and antifouling functions of the fabric. For aesthetics, this kind of clothes is brighter than ordinary clothes.

The coated fabric uses solvent or water to dissolve the required coating particles, such as PU glue, A/C glue, PVC, PE glue, etc., into a salivation shape, and then use a cylinder, a scraper or a roller in a certain way Spread evenly on the fabric, and then fix it at the temperature in the oven to form a uniform layer of covering rubber on the surface of the fabric.

It is difficult to compare the quality of different fabrics because different fabrics have their own characteristics and are suitable for different types of clothing or other textiles. Only when they are used for the same purpose can the quality of different materials be compared. If you want to make outdoor products such as jackets, then nylon-coated fabrics are definitely good, but if you are making some casual jackets, it may be better to use polyester cotton.

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