ISO 27001 is a major international standard that focuses on information security. It is a standard that provides companies with the necessary information regarding information and data also helps the company gain trust of the clients regarding the safety of their valuable information. ISO  27001 will also help to gain the trust of government and regulatory bodies. It will keep businesses ahead of their competitors.

Covid-19 Pandemic has compelled many companies to switch from work from office to remote working. Productivity is not affected by remote working, employees do not have stress-induced by traveling, better work-life balance .companies are also benefitted because of less operational cost. There are many advantages of remote working but there is a major threat of data breaches and unauthorized access. ISO 27001 certification will prevent such problems as ransomware, malware, phishing and prevents the company from incurring a financial loss.

Training and awareness programs should be conducted on a regular basis regarding ISO 27001 Certification in Qatar. These activities can be done through virtual meetings, webinars, and emails regarding information security. The main agenda of these activities should be building awareness regarding the protection of confidential data. This data could be information regarding business deals,  R&D documents, information about suppliers and contractors, copyrights, or any other sensitive information.

ISO 27001 describes how to manage the information security policy.

Technical controls are basically implemented using software, hardware to ensure the safety of valuable information. Organizational controls are implemented by defining a set of rules and regulations regarding the rules to be followed while using the software, system, and other devices. Human resource controls are given implemented by providing training regarding data security and information risk management. Asset management should be implemented to keep a track of databases, software, hardware, and common tools used for work. Mobile device policy should include the protection of the employee and the employer devices. Malware protection, antivirus, data access, and backup are some key aspects of mobile device policy. ISO 27001 Consultants in South Africa advise their clients to focus on encryption of valuable information and its accessibility. Passwords must be difficult to crack and should be changed on a regular basis. Screen capturing and recording should not be allowed during virtual meetings. Systems must be updated on a regular basis.

ISO 27001 Implementation in Qatar helps companies to secure confidential data and avoids fines that are imposed in case of a data breach. It provides safety from cyber-attacks and ensures the brand's reputation is not damaged. It will prevent confusion regarding asset and data management. ISO 27001 helps in establishing trust between the trust and organization which is important in establishing trust and customer retention. It will ensure the data cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. Risk management can be done in a better way by implementing ISO 27001.

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