The export of October recorded $ 5555 million and continued to continue to continue to win 500 billion won for 8 months.

Industry Normal Resources Department announced on October 20, 2002, announced the export trends of import and export trends and announced that the export of our country last month has increased by 24% to $ 55.55 billion, which has increased by 24% from the same month last year.

The imported solution was counted at $ 37.8 percent of $ 53.86 million. The trade balance recorded a surplus of $ 180 million for $ 180 million.

Exports increased for 12 consecutive months. There was a high growth rate of two ordinary pieces of two consecutive months.

As of September, the export was ranked second in the past, followed by the month of September 55.8 billion. Only 8 months a month s export of $ 50 billion.

The total export of $ 500 billion is $ 523.2 billion, and the total export of total exports ($ 512.5 billion) last year.

Class 11 Business Studies Chapter 11 | Exporting And Importing - International Business In the past, the export (billion dollars), the first place in the first place in 20021, 522 billion in 2021, and 2nd in 2018, 55.2 billion in 2018 and 3rd in 2014, $ 476.6 billion in 2014. This year, since July, we went to $ 55 billion ($ 55 million in exports of $ 55 million) ($ 550 million).

The trade size has achieved $ 1 trillion in the dollar of October. The world trade scale also rose to 8th in nine years when compared to last year.

Car exports have reduced production of production according to semiconductor demand for vehicles, and high base effects in October (the first $ 4 billion in 2020) (4.7%) decreased (1.2%).

Semiconductors, general machinery, petrochemicals, steel, etc. All of the new growth products such as flagship items and biomedics

It was ranked 1 to 2 in October export.

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