Cars are specially designed to function in all types of weather. People who prepare their cars according to the road and climate conditions will increase performance and efficiency. That is why getting the correct set of tyres is essential as they drive your vehicle forward and back. Summer tyres were particularly designed to deliver a perfect performance in warm climates and during the summer.

One special challenge is to find the best Car Tyres for the summer. All-season tyres are becoming very popular. They promise to deliver enough traction during all types of seasons. However, a tyre that wants to function in all types of climate conditions might not offer as many benefits as a more focused tyre.

Summer tyres must provide better handling, responsiveness, traction, speed and braking, mainly throughout the hottest seasons. They should also offer better efficiency and control for all vehicles while driving in wet surfaces.

Just like other types of tyres, all the advantages that summer tyres offer can be confusing. There is a lot you should understand about these types of tyres before deciding if they are the best option for your car.

What is a summer tyre?

They use a different kind of tread which is designed to deliver the best gripping and resist hydroplaning. They have grooved surfaces and shallower tread, which are designed to keep most of its rubber on the road.

If you need a set of tyres that deliver optimum agility, performance and speed during hot weather, summer tyres are for you. Nowadays, most tyre manufacturers build them, more and more automakers are including them on some models as standard equipment.

Pros of Summer Tyres

1. They offer great handling even on wet surfaces. Icy and slippery roads are always a challenge and they also increase the chances of an accident. Summer tyres use special tread patterns that remove water and avoid hydroplaning.

2. Summer tyres offer excellent handling.

3. They improve cornering, speed and braking.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to highlight that summer tyres do not offer the same benefits during the winter season. Once the temperatures drop below 7-degree Celsius, the soft rubber hardens, and you can lose most of the traction. Cold temperatures can also cause damages to the tread compound. They do not perform well in cold conditions, even if there is no ice or snow. Stopping distances increase significantly and cornering is seriously affected. In simple terms, summer tyres are not suitable for temperatures under 7-degree Celsius.

They are not built for gripping on snowy and icy roads, so control and traction are reduced. If you need to navigate in cold climates, you will have to alternate between winter and summer tyres. Still, if you are a driver who values durability, Pirelli Tyres provide the most reliable summer tyres for your car.

For drivers who enjoy warmer climates, summer tyres will deliver the best driving experience.

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