How to Access Godaddy Email through Webmail

If you seek more information about Godaddy email login and how to access your automatic Godaddy email address via Webmail here is a guide for you.

A lot of people are not using this email login basically because they don’t know how to access the Godaddy workspace login portal and how to link their company email address and create a custom workspace email login following their Godaddy hosting account that comes with a free Godaddy email login 356 account.

However, if you don’t make use of this Godaddy webmail login the free Godaddy email account will seat in the hosting account without any usefulness and expires once your Godaddu account expires.

We came to know about this because a lot of Godaddy users ain’t making use of the opportunity to create a custom email address for their business using the free Godaddy workspace email login yet host various businesses on Godaddy.

However, with the Webmail service, you can access Godaddy email from home, work, offices, and all around the globe with access to the internet.

Therefore, we are going to detail how to access Godaddy email from any computer on Webmail and how to create your custom Godaddy email that will serve as your company’s email.

Sign Up Godaddy Using Email 
Before you can create a professional email address using Godaddy service you first need to create Godaddy Email login with your email address. Therefore, here, we’ll walk you through a simple step to create Godaddy login using your email address.
You can use any email address to signup Godaddy login account. You can even use a .edu email as long as you have your login information available.

However, we are going to create a Godaddy Workspace email address in this guide.

1. Open a browser on your computer and visit Godaddy homepage and click on the SignUp icon. If you already have an existing account, click on sign in and enter your login information to log in your Godaddy account.

2. Click on Workspace Email in your Godaddy account as indicated in the attachment in your Godaddy Products page.

3. Now, a list of your available domain in your Godaddy dashboard will appear. Click on the Manage button to create Godaddy email login for.

4. To the top of the email address click on create and a new space to create a new Godaddy login email will appear.

5. Enter your desired email you would like to use as your professional email and move to the next step. For instance, you can create your Godaddy email to be

6. Enter your password into the space provided twice and create a support PIN and click on the create button.

Note your support PIN as you’d need it to chat with Godaddy support team on a live chat.

How to Login Godaddy Email

After you have successfully set up your Godaddy email login it makes take up to 90 minutes before it will start working correctly. Once the whole set up is done from Godaddy’s end, a confirmation email will be forwarded to your primary email account.

1. Open a browser and visit and you will be redirected to

2. Enter your login information on the Godaddy webmail and click on the sign-in button

Godaddy Login EmailGodaddy Login Email

3. Done. You will be taken to your Godaddy email dashboard.

With these approaches, you will be able to read all incoming email coming to your professional email address on Godaddy.

How to Access Godaddy Email through Webmail

Now, we are ready to access your Godaddy email account through the webmail so that you can have similar access to your account from around the world.

1- Open your internet browser and go to the Godaddy email login page at

2- Enter your Godaddy email address username and login into the Webmail login page and click on “Sign-in” button.Godaddy Email LoginGodaddy Email Login

Godaddy will authenticate your login username and password and redirect you to your Godaddy email workspace with the login you entered. Meanwhile, to perform this task, you must have a valid hosting account with Godaddy.

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