There are many reasons to focus on making money while playing New World. Whether you're maintaining or upgrading your equipment, buying last minute supplies for a large item you want to craft, or buying a house and taxing it, gold is very useful in Aeternum.

Completing city council quests, faction quests, side quests, and main story missions will make you a lot of money, but the real money comes from selling popular items at the trading post. Here you can make money by selling raw materials in bulk or making popular equipment such as bags or tools.

Here are some of the most expensive and valuable items on the New World Trading Post, and how to make them. The prices are based on the current list of trading posts on the Atvatbar server.

Adventurer’s Satchels

Once a certain level is reached, these bags are a necessity for all gamers as they can add significantly to the overall load. Higher quality bags offer additional advantages, such as: B. a lower weight in the selection of certain items or additional luck in the search for rare equipment or resources.

There are four types of adventurer bags, each of which requires 45 pieces of a certain type of leather, 25 pieces of any type of linen, 10 pieces of any metal ingot and a specific holding rune that you can use with coins and faction tokens from your faction representative.

Coarse Leather Package: +100 load (base level) with a chance to get a perk. Requires 45 raw hides, 25 fabrics, 10 metal bars, a small holding rune (costs 1000 faction tokens and 250 gold coins).
Stable leather bag: +150 load (basic level), chance of two perks, requires 50 armor skill. Requires 45 hard skins, 25 fabrics, 10 metal bars, 1 master rune (costs 3000 faction tokens and 500 gold coins)
Multi-layer leather backpack: +225 load (basic level), chance of three perks, requires 100 armor skill. Requires 45 layers of leather, 25 fabric, 10 metal bars, 1 large sacred body rune (costs 5,000 faction tokens and 1,000 gold coins)
Infused leather package: +300 load (basic level), chance of three additional skills, requires 150 armor skill. Requires 45 saturated leather, 25 cloth, 10 metal bars, a large holding rune (costs 7000 faction tokens and 1500 gold)
The cost of making a better bag can be increased by the cost of holding runes alone, but the potential money it can make is well worth it, especially if you spend a little Azoth on rare rarities and important ones Secure perks.

The Rough Leather and Solid Leather Packs are sold in the Trading Post for 800 to 1200 coins. Tiered bags of three perks and epic rarities cost no less than 2,000 to 5,000, while soaked bags can be listed for up to 10,000 coins. This is a whole house!


Everyone needs the tools in Aeternum, and a smart and experienced engineer can make a significant profit with a relatively low cost of materials. Inexpensive tools are the Starmetall and Orichalcum variants, which each cost 10-15 bars of the appropriate metal ore and a little refined wood and leather. Higher wood and leather grades mean that the tools used in manufacture have a higher equipment rating.

As with the satchel, it is absolutely essential to spend Azoth in order to get perks on the tools, as these will add value to the tools at the trading posts. Solid metal pickaxes can fetch anywhere from 100 to 400 New World gold coins, depending on their rarity, while bronze pickaxes sell for no less than 300 to 2000.

Cut stones

Are you a skilled angstrom cutter and have loose, unpolished stones lying around in all of your sheds? So, grab some particles and solvent, go to the cutting table and start cutting those gems.

If you are good at collecting treasure chests and harvesting and digging for natural resources, you should have enough particles and solvents to craft. You can get raw gems from ore mining, and you can increase your chances of getting a good quality pickaxe with a lucky coupon and meal that will increase your mining luck. You can also purchase materials from the trading post, just as you would any of these items.

Some of the more useful cut gemstones bring back some good quality coins. Cut, flawless carnelian, ideal for someone with a tank build, costs no less than 500 coins. Other cut gemstones, like moonstone and diamonds, sell for hundreds of coins.