It is possible that his presence will be felt through these intermediaries until events take his hands. Tyrael is still feeling the effects of destroying the Worldstone at the conclusion of Diablo 2. The mystical artifact shielded Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell and acts as the protector of the land in its stead. Tyrael appears unlikely to lead any further fights to Diablo IV Gold Hell or take his fight any further than his current position at the Pandemonium Fortress, where he could offer advice as Deckard Cain to those who stay and listen.

Five playable Diablo classes have been released so far each of which different versions of the previous games. With each of the games that has been released so far has introduced something new Tyrael might be an active participant in the fight to balance the two sides by offering players the chance to be transformed into angels or demon powers in exchange for duties to Sanctuary. This sort of mechanism is likely to be similar to the multi-tree advancement already confirmed for the series.

It's not likely that Blizzard will make Angels and Demons into classes, since the series is centered around those in the middle of their journey. But as the only mortal trapped between Heaven and Hell Tyrael finds himself in the most unique position ever seen in Diablo lore. He's likely to be playing a role of balance throughout the story, and maybe even a voice of cheap Diablo IV Gold reason, instead of taking sides like his former self. When he's forced into taking sides, Tyrael now understands the importance of mortals, which is how he will most likely be a part of the events of Diablo 4.
. The executive producer and director of the Diablo franchise Rod Fergusson put it, "Diablo 2 felt like you were locking in. You were able to change your character every time you faced a challenge. In D3, you kind of changed your character like you changed your clothes. Everything was gear-based as opposed to skill-based."Fergusson added, "I think the fact that we have skills on the equipment [in Diablo 4] is really nice for experimentation -- as a sorceress I [might] get Blizzard [on a pair of boots] three levels before I should and I can try Blizzard to see if I actually want it."