Men’s fashion tips and how to shop for their clothes


Shopping for stylish clothes that are comfortable and stylish can be a challenging experience for most men. However, it doesn't have to be that hard, you have to consider several factors to get clothes that look good.  These factors include your body type, cost, material, and many other factors.  If you have a challenge shopping for your clothes, here are a few guidelines on how to pick clothes that won't make you look like a clown but instead look stylish and sharp.

  1. Buy clothes that fit.

It would be very disappointing to purchase an item only to find out later that it is too tight or too big.  It is important to look for clothes that are well-fitting on all body parts. If it is retro shirt for men, make sure it fits well, especially at the shoulders. For short-sleeved shirts, make sure they are loose enough around your arms but not too loose. Make sure your pants don't bunch up around the crotch. Make sure the pants do not touch the sole of your shoes when standing to avoid many accidents. If you like something and find it too big, look for a good tailor to make adjustments to your shirt.

  1. Choose colours you like

Men’s clothingcomes in several different colours and designs. Depending on your preferences, choose a colour that flatters your body type and one that you feel confident in. If you do not like to be the centre of attention, avoid bright colours. Also, choosing a colour depends on the occasion or environment you are in. if you are in doubt, choose neutral colours. Such colours will go with almost everything in your closet.  Opt for shirts and t-shirts in black, white, navy blue, which will probably work for you.

  1. Maintenance

There is no point in spending too much money on clothes if you are not going to take care of them. Don't let your clothes wrinkle or get discoloured. Avoid too much use of driers as that can reduce the quality of your clothes. Opt for hang drying your clothes instead if you want them to last longer.


Shopping for new clothes isn't easy, but it shouldn't be hard with the above steps. Get your clothes at Wayrates at affordable rates.