Hello friends, how are you doing? Definitely, all is well, Right. Today I am illuminating LANGUAGE ANALYSIS. This one is a favorite topic of Linguistics. So highlights points are given below:

                   Introduction of Language Analysis 

                   Language Analysis Examples

                   Features of Language Analysis 

                  Tools of Language Translator 

                  Final Destination 

1)Introduction of Language Analysis 

Start from its meaning, in simple words language analysis is all about understanding the writer's thoughts, ideas, tone, and viewpoint. Whenever you read a piece of 100 or 150 words of content, you come to understand the main topic of the paragraph, the voice tone of the writer, the core point of the topic and final conclusion, etc. 

These are things that make a good analyst of languages. Here I am giving you an example of it.

2)Language Analysis Examples

At my cousin's wedding event, Smith wore the red gown at a party she admires to all, I can say she look like a diamond on that day. 

I know the example is too long but it helps to understand clearly, so come to the point, We compare Smith's beauty with diamond. And Here is Simile used.

A simile is a feature of the language, Hope you understand the definition.

3)Features of Language Analysis 





              Personification etc.

Wants to read more about a featured language visit to my blog. 

4)Tools of Language Translator

Tools have a great role in analyzing language some tools are :

             Google Translator 

             We can translate words into our local language.

              Box & Whisker Plot

              Control Sheet


             Design of Experiments

5)Final Conclusion or Destination

My central point is that if you want to become a good analyst that you should follow Allan Pease. He is also the best speaker too. Read books in different-different niches which help you to writers' storytelling styles. 

Thank you, Now I am ending the topic it may be too long if I am keep writing or you gonna bored, take care we will meet on another topic soon.

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