BetFury clone script is a gaming platform script that aids in the development of the first BTC Dividends pool on the Tron blockchain network. It is a copy that includes all of the features and functionality of the market-leading Betfury game. This iGaming casino game is powered by the Tron blockchain network's BTC Dividends pool. Because of its decentralized structure, the Betfury clone script is a profitable game that is secure, scalable, and steadfast.


The network as a whole is decentralized, and gaming transactions make use of cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets. It provides high-level security and never requires passwords or tokens to use the platform. Furthermore, the smart contracts integration adds value to the platform.


White Label Betfury Clone Script:


White Label Betfury Clone Software is a fully customized solution for launching your Gambling casino site. The team strives to give you a bug-free and cost-effective Betfury clone script that includes cutting-edge features such as multi-language, multi-currency, staking, cashback&rewards, and so on.


Features of Betfury clone script


  • Staking

  • Farming

  • Jackpots

  • Sports Betting

  • BFG Staking

  • Multiple Languages

  • Referrals

  • Cashback & Rewards

  • Numerous Of Cryptos

  • Multiple Payment methods

  • VIP Rank Systems

  • Free Crypto Boxes

  • 1000+ Slot Games

  • Multi Cryptocurrencies

  • Grained access control Admin roles

  • Inert page management

  • Effective Virtual Gaming Experiences, etc.


Advantages of  Betfury Clone Script


  • 100% decentralized

  • Transparent Platforms

  • 1000+ games

  • Unique ranking system

  • Safety Dashboard

  • Constant referral program

  • Up to 25% cashback

  • Rapid Transactions

  • Real-time Data Analytics

  • Enhanced security for CMS & CRM launch

  • Endless Rewards & Cashback.


Game Genres available in the Betfury Clone Script


Access to a variety of games is provided via the gaming platform that is designed for Betfury clones. Once it is implemented, gamers will have access to the following game genres on our platform.

  • In-house Games

  • Live Casino Games

  • Slot Games

  • Table Games

  • Sports Game

  • Battle Games


What makes Betfury distinct from other gaming platforms?


Betfury game combines all crypto crazes into a single platform, as it contains various in-house games, slot games, live games, and more.


  • Dividend scheme with the first Bitcoin pool in the i-Gaming sector.

  • Simple payback method up to the finest offer for everyone.

  • Distinctive design and rapid development.

  • Funds can be deposited or withdrawn quickly.


Where to get Betfury clone Script?


Coinjoker is a leading Blockchain Game Development Company that offers gaming services based on various blockchain technologies. They create and execute first-hand gaming solutions for the customers they serve using professional blockchain developers. They create Betfury Clone Script in a more original and innovative way to dominate and stand out in the business world. With the Betfury Clone Script, they assist businesses and entrepreneurs in launching their own blockchain-based crypto casino i-gaming platform similar to Betfury. The investors appear to be interested in what you gain by hiring us.

  • 100% Customizable

  • Professional Developers

  • Secure & Scalable

  • Robust & Bug-free platform

  • Cost- Effective

  • Advanced Tech stacks & tools

  • Quick Deployment

  • 24/7 Tech Support

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