Marijuana, weeds, pots, dope, grass. They are different names for the same drug that comes from cannabis plants. You can smoke, smoke, drink, or eat it. Most people use westcoastweeds for joy and recreation. However, more and more doctors are prescribing it for specific medical conditions and symptoms.

Marijuana contains mind-altering substances that affect both the brain and the body. It is addictive and can be harmful to the health of some people. Here's what you can do with marijuana:

That's why most people try weeds. THC, the main psychoactive ingredient, stimulates parts of the brain that respond to pleasures such as food and gender. It releases a chemical called dopamine that gives you a euphoric, relaxing feeling.

When you vaporize or smoke weeds, THC can get into your bloodstream fast enough to raise you in seconds or minutes. THC levels usually peak in about 30 minutes and the effect may disappear within 1-3 hours. Drinking and eating weeds can take hours to be completely calm. You may not always know how powerful your recreational marijuana is. So is most medical marijuana.

Not everyone has a fun experience with marijuana. It can often leave you anxious, fearful, or panicked. With cannabis, you are more likely to develop clinical depression and may exacerbate the symptoms of mental illness that you may already have. Scientists still don't know the exact reason. At high doses, it can delusion you, lose contact with reality, and hear or see what isn't there.

Marijuana can cloud your senses and judgment. The effect may vary depending on the pot's potency, how it is taken, and the amount of marijuana used in the past.


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