'Rugpulling' is a growing fraud in which criminally motivated cryptocurrency developers prey on liquidity pools. DEXs like Uniswap provide these pools, which produce market liquidity and allow crypto investors to exchange tokens without generating major price changes. Rugpull scammers see them as rich pickings since they hold substantial sums of money.

Brand new tokens are introduced and actively sold in the rugpull scam. The unscrupulous developers drain the tokens' liquidity pool once they achieve a large level of investment, leaving investors with worthless tokens.


Investors have sought liquidity locking as a safeguard against such fraudulent operations, which is becoming increasingly popular in recent months. Liquidity locking protects investors, lends legitimacy to currencies, and enhances the confidence of creators.

Liquidity locking, of course, has drawbacks, such as its high cost and complexity. Unilocker has launched a next-generation liquidity locking platform to help mitigate these issues.


Unilocker is a feature-rich platform that is less expensive than existing liquidity lockers. You can lock your liquidity with a time-lock contract, which protects it from immediate withdrawals. Previously, the liquidity lock period and value were a source of contention for token developers. That's no longer an issue: choosing the period and the amount is as simple, thanks to a user-friendly UI with one-click buttons and sliders.

Lock certificates are created and can be shared with investors once they have been locked. Investors can have a high level of confidence in their investments because of this approach.


Unilocker offers high-quality features and a high level of assurance at a low cost. Extending, withdrawing, increasing, and transferring locks is as simple as locking them in the first place. For additional information, go to https://unilocker.app.