I'd like to see skills such as Dungeoneering, which requires skill (and maybe a good team), and those principles applied to RuneScape Gold other areas. Agility would make for a much better experience and much more enjoyable gaming.

Although it won't make the game simpler, such an update will make it simpler and take less time. The gameplay is simple enough. The main thing is the time. If you try to make it more difficult, but go faster, you will be able to play better.

In all honesty, I'm not sure I don't like the grind either, which Jagex is coming out with EoC to (hopefully) fix it. Personally, I'm fine with EoC but not EoC I'm just hoping for Jagex to eliminate swifts, goliaths and spellcasters. I'm sure everyone has a cmaul, yeah?

The issue lies in the way you solve the problem of grinding. The best way to increase your XP is to use higher-level content. However, it should be instanced to ensure that you don't get smashed into pieces. 

I think it's a bit similar to Dungeoneering. High-level content could either a) provide you with food/pots or) let you spend enough money on Buy RS3 Gold food/pots. It's just a matter of making sure that it's not bottable, and I think it would be a success.