Theatrical elements to gameplay, such as the powerful Power Shots ensure the FIFA name is released with a bang and not a whimper. When you hold the bumpers, pressing shoot will transform your striker into an armed raider with an attack that is interruptible as the camera is pulled into focus as they leather the ball with bootstrap shockwaves that FUT 23 Coins roar through the PS5's speakers for controller. If you get the angle incorrectly, FIFA 23's newly improved goalkeepers may be able to stop the attack with their own fingers I've used them to stop my bacon a couple of occasions.

Be sure to do it right, and if the forward is in enough space, it's likely to end up in the back of the net, regardless of just how far out you are. This type of shot brings to mind the glory days that Francesco Totti hit-and-hope long shots which were seen in the beginning of 2010s FIFA however don't fret the online multiplayer game is plagued with speedy wingers passing it over the net on the break. So why not have a blast and be a little fun with it, don't you think?

Although it's difficult to avoid the constant issue of relying too heavily on speedy players completely, FIFA 23 does reward meticulous execution across the board. My fingers hurt from hitting the triggers to initiate dangerous counter-attacks. The force of a passing move has to be honed to perfection, which is hard to master but satisfying when you have the perfect through ball.

The wrong tackles may make you vulnerable by holding the appropriate buttons for too long could lead to a dangerous crushing commitment that at times results in a positive outcome, but generally it results in a nail-biting penalty. This makes tackling the last one back into one of the most risky but exciting endeavor.

These changes make FIFA 23 a more sluggish game unlike FIFA 22 but the tradeoff is that matches are always entertaining. There's a lot of excitement in each half, usually multiple goals per match across the single-player as well as online modes, and the game has a few draws that are 0-0. With the drama and spectacles and drama, every goal worth its worth will result in a victory lap slow-motion replay with overlaid stats, making sure that your hard drives as well as social feeds all over the world will be clogged with viral-friendly goals by the end of the year.

Set Pieces are equally convincing providing you with more control in the curvature and power of your corners and free kicks. It took me a while to buy FUT 23 Coins get used to, however, the free kicks improved on me over time, since they're much more precise and far superior to the chaotic stick-pulling game of previous times. In the same way, Penalty shootouts appear like a brutal rhythm game, one at the mercy of the gods.