The development of Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc. is storming the world social networking site market. However, besides, with the great development of Tik Tok, this social networking site has crowned itself at the top of the most popular platforms. So what is Tik Tok? Let's learn with the admin and how to create a Tik Tok account with Receive sms online.

What is Tik Tok?

Launched in 2017, but now this social network has grown beyond mainland borders. In addition to the head office located in Beijing, Tik Tok also has other offices in many countries around the world such as Los Angeles, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, London, Dubai, Seoul,...

Tik Tok application is an entertainment application where users can upload short videos from a few seconds to a few minutes. With the ability to edit, record videos, music treasures and vivid effects, ... brings many different points to Tik Tok.

This application also has the ability to personalize, which means that each individual using Tik Tok has different purposes. Used for entertainment, meeting "idols", catching youth trends, business, advertising, ... this is a plus point that helps Tik Tok become extremely attractive around the world.

Create multiple Tik Tok accounts with Receive Sms Online.

Step 1:

-You visit the website to register a user account, you can log in with your Google account me.


-Go to your personal account area, press the “Wallet” button and top up to use the number rental service at


Step 2: Access Tik Tok, press the "Log in" button at the top right of the screen, click "Sign up" and select "Use phone or email".


Step 3:

-Go back to and select “Rent a phone number”.


-Next, press the "Activations" button.


-Select your Tik Tok service and country, press “GET A NUMBER”, then copy that phone number.


Step 4:

-Back to Tik Tok, fill in the information and phone number you just copied into the form and click "Resend code".


-Wait a short time the code will be sent to side, copy that code and fill in the Tik Tok registration form and click "Next".


-Visit and click "Generate" to get all user information for free, avoiding duplication when creating accounts in bulk.


-Receive username and password, fill in the form, click “Sign up” and you have completed creating your account.



In just a few simple steps you have completed creating your Tik Tok account with Receive Sms Online. The great thing about this is that you can create a series of Tik Tok accounts that you can use for your purposes and needs.