PancakeSwap is a Decentralized exchange that allows users all over the world to trade cryptocurrencies, providing liquidity and farm yield. PancakeSwap is open-source code based, which means anyone can use them for free. 


In this blog, we are going to discuss the pancakeswap clone script and everything about them deeply.


PancakeSwap Clone Script, What is it?


PancakeSwap Clone Script is a pre-build DEX exchange software that has features and functionalities like the popular Defi DEX Exchange Platform like PancakeSwap. On this platform, users can trade in a secure manner all over the globe.


PancakeSwap Clone Script provides users to launch their own automated DEX platform within in short time. They are built using unique features like 


  • Automated Bots

  • Token launch pad

  • Atomic Swap

  • Staking pools

  • 100% Customizable


Sellbitbuy helps you to launch the pancakeswap clone software platform quickly and effortlessly for those who want to start their own Defi Dex exchange platform using robust frameworks like NodeJS, MongoDB, and other blockchain technologies.


PancakeSwap Clone Script Services


PancakeSwap clone script is an off-chain DEX based on the Binance ERC20 token and BEP-20. The smart contract developed by us allows users to swap their tokens easily and quickly while providing liquidity pools where they can earn their rewards from lending, staking, or yield farming. Our famous PancakeSwap Clone Script services


Staking and Farming


This helps users earn CAKE tokens in a simple way and enables the provision for yield farming.




This enables users to win huge CAKE prizes to increase their earnings.


Exemption for trading NFT


Pancakeswap Clone enables an exchange that offers a secure and transparent trading platform for buying and selling NFTs.


Initial Farm offering(IFos)


Initial Farm Offerings(IFOs) offer additional tokens that users can stake to obtain rewards. 




In a decentralized exchange, token owners can vote for essential modifications that improve trade in pancakeswap clone's governance framework.  


Wallets Supported By PancakeSwap Clone Script


Our PancakeSwap Clone Script supports the following wallets.


  • MetaMask

  • MathWallet

  • Trust Wallet

  • Token Pocket

  • SafePal


Working process of our PancakeSwap Clone Script


Pancakeswap employs an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, in which you trade against a liquidity pool. The deposited funds in the pool are exchanged for liquidity provider tokens. The Pancakeswap clone script workflow includes, 


  • Sign in to one of the wallets from the meta mask wallet, trust wallet, or Binance chain wallet.


  • After linking the wallet, Users should open the wallet to deposit their cryptocurrency for swapping and paying fees on the platform.


  • With the Automated Market Maker (AMM) users can pay or sell orders in liquidity pools.


  • Users can acquire LP tokens after adding liquidity, the same as PancakeSwap.


  • Now, the Pancakeswap clone CAKE token can be staked to receive additional rewards.


Why is our PancakeSwap Clone Script special?


Utilizing our newly updated features like IFO, ILO, NFT marketplace, and security features in our PancakeSwap Clone Script will help you in launching an extraordinary DeFi AMM platform like PancakeSwap.


Final Thoughts


Thus PancakeSwap Clone Script helps you to start your business easily with a secured and trustful automated trading platform. Sellbitbuyt, as a leading Defi DEX Exchange platform development company, offers the latest, most functional, and highly secure pancakeswap clone software built using pancakeswap clone script.


With the help of our dedicated development team and our experience in blockchain protocols, we develop a high-quality defi platform with 24/7 customer support and on-time delivery, so share your ideas and get an instant free demo on pancakeswap clone script here.

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