Vietnam expects rice exports this year “Growing Strong”
The relevant departments of Vietnam expressed hope that The country's rice exports this year will increase ทางเข้าเล่น slotxo from last year By the virtue of the variability of the world situation increase the demand for food

Xinhua News Agency reported from Hanoi. Vietnam on February 5 that the Food Association of Vietnam The country's rice exports are expected to grow strongly this year. While concern about the global economic and political volatility increased demand for rice

The report states that Vietnam is the world's third-largest rice exporter, with rice shipments in the first two weeks of this year up 41 percent year-on-year to 226,000 tonnes, generating revenue of US$115 million. ) More than 80% of the rice varieties in Vietnam are high quality aromatic rice. This is an important driver that increases the value and market access of Vietnamese rice.

At the same time, the export price of Vietnamese rice is likely to increase and return to its highest ever level in 2019 due to increased demand for reserve rice from various countries.

Reported by a group of analysts at the securities department. The investment and development bank of Vietnam said that inclement weather in many countries could affect global food supply. Encourage imports of rice from China and cut exports from major rice-growing countries like India and Pakistan