Looking to discover the best motorcycle intercoms and bluetooth headsets so you can stay connected on your rides? You are in the right place- here we review of the best motorbike helmet intercom systems for all situations and budgets.

Whether you are riding solo, pillion or in a group, intercoms make motorcycling more enjoyable as well as a lot safer. I've ridden all over the UK and Europe and most of the time my husband and I have been riding together. Having helmet intercoms allows us to chat as we ride, as well as point out potential dangers in case the other person hasn't seen them yet.

How do you talk to another motorcycle rider or pillion?

If you often ride as part of a large group and sound quality is high on your list of priorities, the EJEAS Q7 intercom system is a great option.

Thanks to EJEAS’s Dynamic Mesh-Technology, it’s possible to use up to 15 intercoms simultaneously, allowing everyone in the riding group to communicate. The standard operating range is around 1.2-km, which you can extend to over 7-km with six riders or more.

Thanks to Universal 5.1 connectivity, you can easily pair non-EJEAS intercoms. According to Bluetooth motorcycle intercom review feedback, this is a major plus point for multi-rider communications.

The lithium battery boasts an impressive talk time of 13 hours. Meanwhile, a full charge should take around four hours. The wedge-like intercom module at its widest point is a mere 6.5-mm thick. It has three finger-width contoured control sections.  

These sections let you take or make calls and control most of the intercom’s functions manually. Primary functions are also possible via voice command.

The 40-mm Q7 designed speakers rubber stamp EJEAS’s commitment to high-quality sound. These speakers allow for the full enjoyment of the built-in FM, RDS radio or streamed Smartphone playlist.

Where: https://www.ejeasmall.com/products/ejeas-q7-motorcycle-bluetooth-intercom

Price: $62.99