The Squeal is an incredibly poor value for money... It's an excellent argument. Jagex should improve the value of the Squeal so that OSRS Gold people won't look elsewhere to purchase RWT. Fewer than 1% players can afford xp gain. Even though I have not purchased a spin, my character climbed many levels simply by exp gained from the squeal.

Yelp has been replaced recently by the dark Troll, the trolling... It's something I'd not noticed. I'll notice when I next log in or complete a quest. Jagex may cease to earn profits. If this occurs, the value of the game will drop. Offer prizes other than lamps that are sought-after. You can even trade them! I have won two of these fish masks from the squeal and am delighted to have seen their price increase on GE (they currently cost over three million).

You are finding almost every update (other than WoFibc ones) aimed at your player group fun and exciting... Yes! Jagex has been doing a lot right. The motivation behind the squeal was due to complaints about "the grind". Jagex responded to this complaint by introducing the "squeal" which lets people pick their preferred level (and gives away skill lamps).

That's all well and well. It's the combination selling spins for money and offering a skill lamp as an incentive that's the issue. Further, what's especially infuriating is the hypocrisy. Jagex shouts bloody murder at those who participate in RWT. However, they have their own RWT strategy.

Yes, I did read the OP. But, I put another spin on it, while answering the key questions If you believe this bullet pointed list to  Cheap RuneScape Gold be true Should the SoF be shut down or replaced? Jagex has been working against (at least) three strikes in an extremely competitive and ever-changing business.